Who are the partner who shares the risk?

For many years now, Galaxy IT Hardware Third Party Maintenance (TPM) has been an active IT enterprise providing flexible IT support services, handling networking equipment maintenance and providing solutions to other IT related problems at low cost. Many company’s CIO and IT directors are increasingly realizing that, it is cost-effective to engage the services of TPM vendors.

Galaxy IT Hardware TPM providers help to maintain multiple-hardware and networking equipment, and are willing to share operation risk as partner in business. The risk sharing capability of Galaxy IT Hardware vendor on managed IT service and on all brands/products under their care, with customers is one great deal that you may not find with other TPM providers.

Tips to Hiring TPM Provider Partner That Share in Operation Risk- What to look out for

Hiring Services from Third Party Maintenance (TPM) provider saves companies a lot, but not all TPM providers are willing to share operation risk nor have all that TPM demands. What it takes to handle business IT support, network support, network services, server maintenance, hardware maintenance etc is only found in TPM provider that can dare to share in organizations operation risk.

Here are few critical services that a TPM provider that will share in your company’s IT operation risk should have:

Streamlined Maintenance Service Package: Technical streamlined service offers and categorized maintenance specialty are well spelt out. TPM provider show cases each expertise and professional maintenance services that they can offer. Customers who wish to hire unit maintenance or all in one service can review the options and pick the one that best suit their IT/maintenance needs. Professional advice on TPM service packages with risk sharing capability are also presented to help customer arrive at best service hire decision.

Customers who wish to have all in one service package should have a kind of customized or negotiable risk free deals. Discount offers for organizations that commit all IT support services, data storage management and hardware maintenance to TPM provider’s care is also available. Special offers for single or multiple service hire are also duly listed. Burning interest to meet inherent customer needs will be displayed, when any CIO or IT director approaches such a TPM provider. Galaxy IT Hardware TPM provider offers all these and many more.

No-hardware biases: Non-bias hardware handling helps simplify data storage environment and hardware management for multiple purposes. For the reason that TPM providers are multi-service support partners, hardware bias can be easily avoided. This makes offering percentage discount on OEM services and reduction in unit administrative cost after contract expiration hassle free. A TPM provider, helping the organization to manage multiple-services, and offers reduce cost on services after contract has expired for smooth run of customers business is a partner who share operation risk indeed.

Fast Problem Resolution and Rapid Response to Service call: A TPM provider that has the record of slow response to service call is too risky to hire. As slow response to product/service downtime increases risk and can result in huge loss. But TPM provider with fast response records has the mind that, customers’ loss is also their loss. That every IT issues and downtime risk, is a risk on them.  Such TPM provider shares all organizations operation risk as to reassure their customers that they are reliable partners that works. Urgent problem resolution and guaranteed uninterrupted operations is one major reason why organization should engage Third Party Maintenance provider services, so as to reduce operation-risk to the barest minimum. Rapid responses to service at any downtime make uninterrupted operations possible.

Vast Hardware Maintenance Expertise: when a TPM provider has vast hardware maintenance expertise, it makes signing of one consolidated contract for all equipment maintenance possible.  Organizations IT leaders, CIOs and other company’s staff can easily call on the TPM provider whenever there is an equipment or operation downtime. The hassles of having to check for the different contacts to call for each equipment-maintenance are removed with the all in one servicing contract. The risk of response delay is also reduced. One consolidated maintenance contract for all equipment with TPM provider with vast hardware expertise saves cost for the organization too. All in one servicing contract is one effective way to share operation risk with TPM partners.

Experienced Engineers in Work Force: Any TPM provider that has certified and experience engineers in her work force knows how well to handle hardware downtime and other IT problem resolutions. Expert in specific equipment repairs are deployed to handle that specific equipment servicing or repairs, so as to avoid possible risk of further damage or delayed problem resolution that can occur when an engineer  that is not trained to repair such particular equipment tries to handle that repair. Each engineer brings his or her expertise to the table when there is any complex technological problem and when overall equipment servicing is being done. Having a team of several equipment expert engineers in a TPM work force makes planned organizational general maintenance possible. Such maintenance can be done within a short time. This removes every risk of productivity loss due to planned equipment maintenance.

Customizable Service-Agreement:  different customers have different maintenance need, a third party maintenance provider should be able to design service agreement that best suit the each customer needs. Galaxy IT Hardware customized service agreement spell out all agreed deals and these deals are followed to the least details.

Partnership with Galaxy IT Hardware Third Party Maintenance provider and technical vendor services is such that gives customers a great insurance to invest in.  Galaxy IT Hardware has first class response to call for problem resolution of IT related issues. In addition, Galaxy IT Hardware response platform or vendors uptime is number 1 on the best Third Party Maintenance providers’ business ranks. Galaxy IT Hardware always sends the relevant engineer to customers service call and also provide over the phone or online solution for quick fix need or quarries.

When you carefully select a Third Party Maintenance provider like Galaxy IT Hardware, you are armed with all it takes to excel in business. Galaxy IT Hardware ensures that all hardware malfunctions are detected and handled appropriate to cut- off risk. Unavoidable downtimes cases are fixed at fast rate; so that the organizations work output is not affected. Galaxy IT Hardware is willing to share any risk on inheritance of all brands under the house and give the company the deserved operation peace.