IT maintenance Strategy

IT maintenance Strategy

How an IT maintenance Strategy can help you focus your innovation Budget in 2019. 

Building Tech is not the end of the process, it is only the beginning. One of the most important things for an organization that drives up a budget is maintenance and without the right strategy, a lot of resources are wasted. For you to minimize business risks, maintenance is key. With innovations springing up daily, a lot of organizations use cloud services or are moving to cloud services. But, quite a lot of organizations still use on-premise data centers.

With global economic instability, business systems must leverage on Vendors like Galaxy IT Hardware Technologies to optimize their spending by channeling their energy towards creating an IT maintenance strategy.

Organizations today are directing efforts towards digital transformation enterprises such as IoT, Robotics, Cloud, big data and social, Mobility, and Artificial Intelligence. These fields are the key drivers of IT spending and more money is being pumped into them especially budding fields like AI. According to the IDC the biggest CAGR for IT service providers will come from Robotics. This is why you need maintenance services from Galaxy IT Hardware.

There are a lot of uncertainties that are bound to result from the US-China trade wars and Brexit which may take its toll on the economy so you have to be prepared. Recent reports have shown what organizations are spending on. After discovering that the key to minimizing risk is a maintenance,  research has shown that there has been a 5% budget increase in risk IT expenditure.

As an organization, you need to take cognizance of these facts and take active steps in controlling your maintenance and innovation budgets so they can move forward to the next stage of your DX journey. Having a comprehensive maintenance strategy will help you focus your innovation budgets.

Galaxy IT Hardware expands support portfolio

With this need arising, organizations are who aim at meeting such needs across the world have linked up with Galaxy IT Hardware technologies to increase and build its presence in different regions especially in, Australia New Zealand, and the pacific islands.

We have deployed equipment and resources all over the world creating offices to offer companies a merged IT strategy that includes

  • 24/7 support (which increases speed or service and resolution of problems
  • IT assets life-cycle management.

Galaxy IT Hardware is a third-party maintenance provider for you to redirect the care of your IT assets so you can focus them for other uses within the company and have more money spent on digital innovation schemes that move the business forward.