Third Party Maintenance

Third Party Maintenance

What is a Third-Party Maintenance? Saving the budget and minimizing risks is a strategy that companies are always considering. With the growth of Third Party Maintenance packages, companies can now elongate their product lifespans on a full range of networking, server and storage gear while also increasing their IT budgets. An organization can save up

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IT maintenance Strategy

IT maintenance Strategy

How an IT maintenance Strategy can help you focus your innovation Budget in 2019.  Building Tech is not the end of the process, it is only the beginning. One of the most important things for an organization that drives up a budget is maintenance and without the right strategy, a lot of resources are wasted.

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Service strategy before signing a contract

Many IT outsourcing companies contract equipment supplies, IT support services,  business IT support, network support, network services, server maintenance, It service provider to Galaxy IT Hardware because of the vast experience in TPM vendor deals. After all negotiations has been made between vendors and customers, a vendor-customer agreement also called contract-paper has to be duly

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Prevention and best practice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text] Introduction Usually, data is lost because there is no adequate procedures of workflow and backup strategies. Not saving work and having proper backups will cost the organization much in the short or long run. We are referring to the lack of data center as a service. Types of damages done There are various damaging

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